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Medical Spa SEO: The ROI Numbers

There are so many Med Spa owners, and Medical Practice owners who want to improve their local visibility in Google search, but they have either had problems with ‘seo agencies’ who didn’t deliver – or – they simply don’t see the value or the return on their investment.

One thing that most SEOs don’t talk about much is how we can use data to show whether or not SEO is going to be truly valuable to your Healthcare practice. If you know two things – 1) What keywords to optimize your website for (based on how many people are actually using those keywords in Google) and 2) What your products or services are worth, then you can actually put specific numbers to the kind of revenue lift your Medical Spa can see with a data driven SEO strategy.

In this video we will show you exactly how to determine the value of SEO for your Medical Spa or Healthcare Practice, using data.

Video: Keyword Research and ROI for Med Spas

This is a video transcript by Bryan Robinson, Founder of Visible Spa Marketing:

“Hello. This is Bryan Robinson with, and I wanted to share a quick video with you guys to show you how you can quantify, or justify spending money on local search – or SEO for your med spa, and how to just put some numbers together to figure out if it’s a good ROI (return on your investment).

So, real quickly, let’s go to Google. I’m going to type in … I already did it here, “Med spa Chicago.” We’re going to pretend like we are a med spa in Chicago. The first thing that you get is the Google Map pack, or three-pack. You see the top three listings and then you go beyond that, and all the other listings of businesses that have a Google Map business account are listed here. We’ll talk more on another video about how you get ranked here, but basically, any SEO package that you would buy would include Google Map pack.

If you continue further, you would see the top organic rankings. So on the first page, number one through number 10, and what I want to do is I want to take this keyword, “Med spa Chicago,” it’s a geographical keyword that’s very common. If you’re in Miami, it would be “Med spa Miami,” or “Med spa Miami, Florida,” and you can do that with any city, geographical area, basically is going to be the main general keyword for med spa, and then whatever the location is.

Keyword Research

So what I want to do is I want to go over here to It’s one of my favorite keyword tools. There are others you can use. You can use Google Keyword Planner if you have an AdWords account. It’s free. Then there’s Ubersuggest, and there’s a lot of other ones, but basically, what this keyword tool does is you type in a phrase, a search phrase, and it will tell you the estimated search volume per month for that keyword. So, there are 590 searches for “Med spa Chicago.” If you go over here to one of the services you carry, say this is one of your biggest return or biggest money lifetime value service, “Botox Chicago” has 880 searches a month. If you want to promote laser hair removal, you can type “Laser hair removal Chicago,” obviously it’s in demand in this area, 2,900 searches a month. Altogether, those three keywords, 4,370 searches a month in Chicago.

Click-through Rate at #1 Position

What does that mean for you? If you rank number one, there is approximately a 32% click-through rate at this number one position. So what that means is that is 1,400 qualified leads coming to your door from this position, off of just those three keywords, so that doesn’t include any other keyword variations, any other traffic that you potentially have coming in. That’s just those three keywords, this position.

What happens if you drop down to this number two spot is the click-through rate goes down to about 14%, so from 32% to 14%. So here, you get less than half of the qualified leads that the number one position gets. The number three spot gets about 9%, which is still an okay number if you start putting the numbers together, but what happens when you drop down to this bottom of the first page is the number 10 spot is about one or 2%. That’s it. So, if you start figuring out what your main services are, you start with your main seed keyword, you go through your services, “Juvederm,” “CoolSculpting,” “Laser hair removal,” whatever those money services are for your med spa, and you type those in, and you come over here to the keyword tool, you add these search volumes together, you can figure out basically what your competitors are doing, or rather how many qualified leads they are getting to their business.

Local SEO Stats

So if we go over here to … I’ve got a site pulled up called That’s one of the top marketing automation platforms. They have a great page called Search Engine Optimization Statistics. They have a local SEO section. In that section, there are some pretty awesome stats. One says, this one’s from Google, says, “Local searches lead 50% of mobile visitors to visit stores within one day.” Pretty awesome. Then this one here, from Search Engine Land, says “78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases.”

The fact is that local, the search volume for local business is a lot lower than national business. However, the conversion rate is much higher. The intent, the buyer intent, is much higher, so that’s the advantage of being able to put these numbers together, so whether you are converting at 50%, whether you’re converting only at 25%.

Conversion Rate

So if you come back over here to Google, and you think about your conversion rate, and there are local directories that are converting at a 50% rate, there’s local search that converts up to 50+%, some lower. It depends on your website, your message, and what the experience is on your end, but let’s just say you have a 25% conversion rate. If you had the top three spots for “Med spa Chicago,” “Botox Chicago,” and “Laser hair removal Chicago,” at 32% in this spot, that’s 1,400 qualified leads, if you only converted 25% of those leads, that’s 350 leads that you converted to customers. If your average customer value was $1,000, that’s $350,000 a month. Obviously, you can move those numbers all around if you’re in the number two spot, if you’re in the number three spot, if you’re in the number four spot.

Down here, it’s pretty easy to tell that the numbers are going to be really low, and if you move up even to mid-page and top of page, it goes up dramatically. So I just wanted to share a couple of ways that you can use some tools, use Google to quantify what SEO means for your local business, for your med spa. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Thanks and have a great day!